Devising your Digital Marketing Plan

– Where to start?

If you are reading this, you probably have an idea about marketing plans but you still are not sure about how marketing in the online world differs from the traditional marketing.

The main difference is at the nature of the internet and how it holds enormous potential to interconnect people globally in a way that is unprecedented. It give us access to information like never before and it allows anyone to be able to offer their product or service to almost anyone, anytime and anywhere.

Nonetheless, the classic marketing plan concepts still carry the true principles and ideas that allow any marketing project to succeed.

I would then summarise what I believe are some of the pillars of a digital marketing plan:

  • Start on your client and work backwards – everything else will fall into place accordingly
  • Understand the Digital Marketing Funnel
  • Determine your Online Value Proposition
  • In the online landscape, everything is measurable, so mine the data and turn it into actionable information
  • Situations and plans change, especially online, so make sure your plan is realistic but flexible

– Creating your Digital Roadmap

This process has a few important steps to understand:

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Return on Investment (ROI) in Marketing

Why is ROI necessary in Digital Marketing?

ROI is “a performance measure used to evaluate the efficiency of an investment or to compare the efficiency of a number of different investments” (

It has been proven useful for many businesses throughout the years and, with the advent of digital marketing (and its strong measurement capability), ROI has also placed itself as a key figure to look in any marketing report.

In other words, if you want your CEO and CFO to understand that you’re bringing in profits or to stand by a campaign that you’re planning, you have to show them the money – and that’s where the ROI comes in handy.

Since it is crucial for any marketing manager to provide actionable and reliable data, it has become clear that such metric should be integrated in order to strengthen the relationship between Information & Decision.

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Digital Strategy in the online world

Marketing: Online Vs Digital

digital marketing

Online Marketing & Digital Marketing are two concepts that are easily confused and mistaken as one and the same. In order to better grasp the differences and similarities, nothing like starting from their definitions.

Online Marketing (also called Internet Marketing) corresponds to all marketing efforts that exist to promote a business online. One important distinction that derives from this is the Online Vs Offline business, being Offline business all those that do not have a presence in the web (no website, no social media, no advertising, etc).

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